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Nono’s Kisses for Sephardic Children is the first of Flori Senor Rosenthal’s Legacy and Literacy Scholastics Series. It is a compilation of nine beautiful illustrations depicting nine phrases in Ladino. Ladino or Judeo-Spanish, is the language of Sephardic Jews which has been declared an endangered language by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

With each phrase in the book, there is a question relating to the picture, which will engage the parent and child into a conversation. A list of Ladino words and how they are pronounced, as well as the English translation, is provided to be used in a discussion of that phrase.

One of Ms. Senor Rosenthal’s goals is to make learning Ladino fun for all ages. Therefore, the lists of Ladino vocabulary words, associated with each illustration and phrase, can also be applied and used in other conversations and games the parent and child might have.

Nono’s Kisses was inspired by her father and written to honor important ancestral knowledge and the cultural wealth of tradition known specifically to Sephardic Jews. Ms. Senor Rosenthal believes that her series will spark renewed interest in the usage of the Ladino language so that one day soon, it can be taken off the endangered language list.

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